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Stella’s Beautiful Creme Australian Labradoodle Puppies

July 16, 2009

Below are some updates photos of our darling creme medium size Australian Labradoodle puppies from our Stella and Ty. The puppies are now about five weeks old and getting cuter every day! For additional information on these puppies please contact us at or

Stella Puppies 2

Stella Puppies 1

Stella Puppies 3


More airlines embracing furry travelers

July 10, 2009


By Stephanie Chen, CNN 

(CNN) — A few weeks ago, Tony Hoard, a 57-year-old manufacturing worker in Indiana, boarded a flight on Midwest Airlines to Las Vegas, Nevada, with his Australian Shepherd. The flight attendant smiled at the two and said, “Welcome aboard.” Hoard has flown with Rory, his furry 40-pound companion, in coach more than 15 times on Midwest, the Wisconsin-based airline that boasts “The Best Care in the Air.” Each time they fly, Rory wears a harness and sits strapped into a seat. “Rory gets the window seat,” said Hoard, whose dog has won a series of Frisbee competitions. “He likes to look out the window when the plane takes off and naps the rest of the way.”

Blame America’s pet obsession, but in recent years, more members of the airline industry are embracing dogs and cats on board. Midwest Airlines may be an extreme example, letting select dogs sit in the same seats as humans, but other airlines are relaxing their pet policies by letting smaller cats and dogs come into the cabin area.

About a year ago, Midwest began allowing certain “celebrity” dogs that appear in canine competitions, shows or advertisements to sit in seats.

“They are just passengers with four legs instead of two,” said Susan Kerwin, who oversees the pet program at Midwest Airlines.

The pet travel frenzy has spurred the creation of an airline catering exclusively to pets. This month, Pet Airways, the nation’s first pet-only airline, will begin flying in five major cities, including New York and Los Angeles, California. It’s an alternative to shipping larger pets in the cargo area of a plane, where there have been pet injuries and even deaths. Chart: Compare some of the common airline fees

“The owners can check a bag with them,” explained Alyse Tognotti, a spokeswoman for Pet Airways. “Or if they have a special blanket or toy, basically anything that will take stress out of traveling.”

On each Pet Airways flight, services include potty breaks and experienced animal handlers checking up on the animals every 15 minutes. Nervous parents can track their pets online.

Southwest Airlines was the latest airline to join the pet-loving bandwagon in May, when it permitted small dogs and cats to travel in the cabin area. The pets must sit in an approved kennel that fits under the seat.

“I wasn’t going to fly Southwest Airlines,” said Katie Chapman, 37, of Louisville, Kentucky, who is mom to a friendly 18-pound Cairn Terrier that resembles Toto from “The Wizard of Oz.” Since the airline has changed its policy, she plans to take her puppy on a Southwest flight to California this fall. “I’m so glad now that she will be able to go with me.”

Each year, airlines transport hundreds of thousands of pets in the cargo and cabin areas. Continental reported moving 270,000 pets last year in cabin and cargo, more than triple the number moved before the airline’s pet program officially kicked off eight years ago.

The Federal Aviation Administration doesn’t have restrictions on whether animals can be in the cabin area, but airlines must allow service dogs for the disabled on board. Only cats and dogs are allowed in the cabin areas on most airlines. In the cargo area, other pets like rabbits, birds and lizards can be stowed.

The cost of flying your furry friend ranges from $75 to nearly $300 each leg. It’s a hefty price tag, but profit-bleeding airlines are happy to offer the option.

Pets can even rack up frequent flier miles. After three flights with Midwest, the pet can earn a fourth flight free. Continental and JetBlue Airways’ programs credit the pet’s trip on the owner’s frequent flier account.

But one airline is catering to allergy-ridden customers who don’t want pets in the cabin. Last year, Frontier Airlines banned pets from the cabin area because officials said pet allergies are common among their customers.

Ann Kerns, a 63-year-old teacher in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, experienced continuous wheezing on a four-hour US Airways flight to Phoenix, Arizona. At the end of the flight, she was shocked to find that there had been a cat sitting under her seat.

“What would have happened if I went into an attack at 35,000 feet in the air?” she asked.

In 2008, the American College of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology wrote letters to Congress expressing concern about pets riding in the cabin area after some patients became ill from their flights. The letters didn’t go very far, officials said.

Airlines say they have had few allergy injuries on board. The airlines limit the number of pets in the cargo area to about five. The aircraft is disinfected and cleaned routinely, so dander and hairs aren’t a problem, airline officials say.

But not every traveler has had smooth experiences with pets on board.

Terry Trippler, a travel expert, recalls an unpleasant incident years ago when a dog had diarrhea three rows in front of him. 

“You could certainly smell it,” he wrote in an e-mail. “The only real way to solve the problem is no pets in the cabin. 


Chocolate Medium Australian Labradoodle Puppies at Manor Lake

July 9, 2009

Here are some photos we took today of Nora and Eddie’s puppies- they are chocolate in color and will be medium in size at maturity (30-45lbs). We have five sweet boys and two darling little girls in this litter.

Enjoy the pictures!

Manor Lake Gunther at Home in New Jersey

July 6, 2009


Kim and Mollie-

He is honestly so far beyond our expectations…no one can believe a dog can be this cute and this good. He is adjusting very well to his new home…sleeping through the night, starting to eat well, climbing stairs with confidence, attending 4th of July parties and being the hit, allowing all these kids to bother him with SO much attention and love : ) He is good at coming on command already! And you were right…he absolutely loves being outside. Total sweetheart…thank you!!!

Julie and Rick
New Jersey

Stella’s Creme Australian Labradoodle Puppies

July 2, 2009

Here are some more cute pictures we took today of Stella’s creme Australian Labradoodle Puppies. For additional information on these sweet puppies email us at or   

Stella puppies 2

Stella puppies 1

Manor Lake Nora’s Chocolate Australian Labradoodle Puppies

July 1, 2009

Here are some fun pictures of our chocolate medium puppies from Nora and Eddie, they are now two weeks old and getting cuter by the day! Enjoy the pictures, for additional information on these puppies email us at or

This is a photo of Manor Lake Posh Spice- she is a past puppy from Nora and Eddie. Thought you might also enjoy this!


Stella’s Creme Australian Labradoodle Puppies

June 30, 2009

Here are some cute photos of our sweet puppies from our Stella and Ty. These puppies are creme, creme/apricot in color and will mature at a medium size. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us at or

Introducing Your Manor Lake Australian Labradoodle To Your Cat

June 30, 2009

Several people have asked us how to introduce their cat or kitten to their new Manor Lake Australian Labradoodle dog or puppy- here is an article from The Feline Advisory Bureau.

Introducing the dog

While dogs and cats have often been portrayed as enemies, it is usually a great deal easier to introduce a new cat to a dog than to another cat. While both animals may be wary of each other initially, they do not see the other as direct competition and can actually get on very well. If your dog is used to cats he may be excited initially at having a new one in the house but he will soon settle down and the novelty will wear off very quickly. He will begin to see the new cat as part of his pack. Many dogs will live happily with their own cats while chasing strange felines out of the garden, so you will need to take care until the cat is seen as one of the household.

Likewise if your new cat or kitten has previously lived with a dog then it will be much less likely to be frightened for long and will become confident around the dog more quickly.

However, initially safety must come first. You will need to keep everything under control until the dog and cat have got used to each other. Stroke the dog and cat separately but without washing your hands to exchange their scents. The cat will then take on the smell profile of the house and become part of the dog’s pack. Once again the large pen is ideal for first meetings to keep the situation calm and the cat protected. Let the dog sniff the newcomer through the bars and get over its initial excitement. The cat may well hiss and spit but it is well protected. If you have a large pen then you can put the cat in this at night in the room where the dog sleeps and let them get used to each other for a few days or even a week, depending on how used to cats the dog is. Some dogs, especially those not used to cats or of an excitable or aggressive disposition, need extra special care for introductions. They should be kept as calm as possible on the lead and made to sit quietly. The new cat should be given a safe position in the room and allowed to get used to the dog and approach it if it wants. This may take quite some time and requires patience and rewards for the dog if it behaves well. For quieter dogs and those used to cats, introductions can be made by using a strong cat carrier. Keep the dog on a lead initially, place the carrier on a high surface and allow controlled introductions which are short and frequent. Most dogs will soon calm down when they realise the newcomer is not actually very interesting. Progress to meetings with the dog on a lead initially for safety. If your dog is rather excitable then take it for a vigorous walk first to get rid of some of its energy!

Breeds such as terriers or those breeds which like to chase, such as greyhounds, may need to be kept well under control until they have learned that the cat is not ‘fair game’! Young pups are likely to get very excited and may try to ‘play’ with the new cat which is unlikely to want to join in! You may need to work hard to keep things calm and be aware that a sudden dash from the cat will induce a chase. Praise the dog for calm interactions, make it sit quietly and use food treats to reward the dog for good behaviour. Again, associate the presence of the cat with reward for calm behaviour. When you progress to access without the lead make sure there are places where the cat can escape to – high ledges or furniture it can use to feel safe. Never leave the dog and cat together unattended until you are happy they are safe together. The cat’s food will be hugely tempting for any dog, so site it up and out of the way of thieving canine jaws! Likewise a litter tray can be pretty tempting and should be kept out of reach of the dog if it is likely to snaffle the contents.

©This information sheet is produced by the Feline Advisory Bureau

Manor Lake Wally in New York City

June 30, 2009



Dear Kim and Mollie,

Wally, our beautiful puppy from Nora and Eddie, just turned 6 months! He is so smart, sweet, gentle, and of course, handsome. Wally is a funny little guy too–he keeps us smiling and laughing every day.  He is a true neighborhood celebrity–everyone either knows him or wants to meet him! Wally greets everyone with a wagging tail and lots of kisses. He loves to play fetch and tag, and always lets us know when it’s playtime!

Wally strolls around Gramercy Park every day, and gets lots of play and socialization from his many doggy friends in our neighborhood. On the weekends, Wally has been getting acclimated to our beach house in Shelter Island, NY. He absolutely loves to be outside, and went swimming for the first time last week.

We are so incredibly excited to have Wally as a part of our family. He has brought so much joy to us, our families, and our friends over the last 3 months. We can’t thank you enough!

Deena and Rob
New York, NY

Manor Lake Marbles

June 26, 2009

This is Manor Lake Marbles, he is playing with his Busy Bee Toy and enjoying relaxing outside on Kim’s porch. He is a apricot and white Parti Australian Labradoodle from our past litter with Ally and Cosmo, so cute we think!