California Manor Lake Australian Labradoodle Puppy Testimonial


Thank you Susan for this kind note!

Monroe 1

Monroe 2

Monroe 3

Hi Kim and Mollie,

We are very happy with our puppy from Nora and Eddie. We named him Monroe and he is now 6 months old and weighs 34 pounds. He is just darn adorable with a sweet temperament. His coat has lighten up a lot and shimmers when he prances. Attention from strangers is typical everywhere we go. We are on the road very often and he has adapted great to the motorhome life. As soon as we start the engine the little guy is napping. He loves to hike and take dips in cool mountain lakes or streams. He absolutely loves to romp on and eat snow. We’ve hired a trainer for sessions at our home. She brings her dogs for additional socialization. Most of all he is our little love bug, who has added cuddles, laughter and goofy puppy talk to our empty nest home. We just love him!

Enjoy the photos of this sweet puppy.



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