Manor Lake Australian Labradoodle Puppy Testimonial


kona 1

kona 2

I have been intending to give you an update on Kona’s progress and development.  She attended Puppy Kindergarten and received the award for Best Achievement.  She was on the cautious side when she was younger and has gained so much confidence during her classes and in her socializing since then.  She took her first 4-day boating trip with us over Memorial Day weekend and was the hit of Roche Harbor!  She did fabulous on the boat and navigated the docks and ramps like a pro.  She attracted attention wherever we went with her happy little bounce and charming personality. 

 I’ve attached a couple of photos.  Thank you for the wonderful website that you maintain – I still use it often.  Kona is about 35 lbs at 8 months of age and she has just a bit of the café au lait color peaking through in spots.  It will be fun to see how her coat continues to change. 

 Thanks again for being an extended resource for our family!  We tell everyone about Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles and I have your link on our blog!

 Warm regards,

Bellingham, WA


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