Manor Lake Australian Labradoodle Reference


Oreo with new home

Hi Kim!

I just wanted to let you know that we think things are going to work out great with Wolfie and Oreo.  Oreo is the most WELL behaved dog ever!  She is adorable, cute, fun and such a cuddler!  Wolfie (aka Oz, we renamed him because we think he has a wizard like beard, so he is “The Wizard of OZ” or Oz/Ozzie for short )) is doing great.  He has a fun and energetic spirit but LOVES to cuddle too!  They are the best mix of cuddly, loving and playful dogs. Oreo is such a loyal dog, she is so well behaved that we can let her off leash and she will never go farther then we can see.  Its like she wants to be able to know where we are as much as we want to know where she is!  Ozzie has really started to look up to Oreo and he follows her everywhere, its really cute!  I have attached a few pictures of Oreo, we don’t have any of Oz yet, but we will send some over your way here soon.  We do quite a bit of camping during the summer (almost every weekend) and Oreo has done great!  She loves hiking around and playing on the river.  We will send you some pictures soon of the two of them camping with us.  Thank you SOOOO much, we LOVE LOVE LOVE the dogs, they are the best dogs we could ever ask for! 


Kimberly and Matt


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