How to Reduce Your Dog’s Ecological Footprint



7 easy things you can do right now

1. Make the switch once and for all to biodegradable dog poo bags. What are you waiting for?

2. Order ecologically sound dog beds and organic, pesticide free dog food from or, sites specializing in environmentally friendly pet supplies.

3. Go natural — make your own natural flea spray and deodorizer. Goodbye chemicals!

4. Eat locally. Search out a dog cookie company making and baking locally.

5. Banish the plastic bag. Buy a reusable canvas shopping bag for trips to the grocer and the pet food store.

6. Consider durability when purchasing dog toys. Better to buy one high-priced, puncture-proof toy than dozens of a cheaper variety that won¹t last past a few good play sessions.

7. Put away the plastic wrap and tin foil and instead cover that half-empty can of dog food with a reusable, snap-on plastic lid.

Article from Modern Dog Website


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