Manor Lake Marley At Play

Hey Kim and Mollie!!!!
Just wanted give you a quick update. Marley is just over 6 months now and about 30 pounds. He is doing wonderfully! We are now in the intermediate obedience class and doing lots of work off leash and he is excelling! We have taken Marley on a few trips to the river or lake, and he totally LOVES the water! The other weekend we had him out at our parents house; they have a creek a short distance from their house so we decided to take the dogs on a walk to go exploring. It had to be one of the funnier things I have ever seen! Marley and their dog Daisy (a HIGH energy Boston terrier) played for hours! We were skipping rocks and they would chase them, running through the creek like torpedoes!!! I had no idea he had that kind of speed behind him!!! It was all great, other than the at least 2 hours we spent picking the twigs, leaves, dirt and other wildlife from his fur! Do you guys get funny stories of things pulled from puppies fur???…The other night, I must have dropped some orzo, which Marley must have then rolled in… I was picking orzo from his coat for days!!!
We are enjoying him soooooo much! I tell you all the time, but he has absolutely exceeded any expectations we had!!! Both of us are wanting to get him a play mate as soon as things settle down. We have been keeping up with all of the expecting litters trying to decide what size and color we want (we want them all!). Hopefully things will settle down soon 🙂
I attached a bunch of pictures from a few recent trips we have taken.
Thanks for everything and hopefully we will be talking to you soon about a play mate!!
Kelly, Cole & Marley

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