Biodegradable Poop Bags For Your Manor Lake Australian Labradoodle


Flushable, Biodegradable Poop Bags are Genius


Flush Puppies now has poop bags that are even more environmentally friendly than those biodegradable blue bags everyone is using for their dog’s messy business. Made of a polymer similar to gelcaps, Flush Puppies dissolve in water so fast, you can throw them in the toilet and flush them away. I was skeptical of bags at first; they feel like the thick, heavy plastic bags. But over the last week I’ve had, unfortunately, every reason to try them. My dog Jolly has canine vestibular syndrome: a temporary inner ear balance disorder that translates to lots of accidents. To be graphic, in this situation, you want to throw the poop in the toilet, but that requires picking it up with toilet paper, which is not robust enough to protect your hand. I tried the flush puppy with trepidation. Would I end up sheepishly calling my building’s super to explain about a clogged toilet? It took two flushes, but it went down. I was still worried it might clog my pipes, so I tried an experiment. In one glass of water I put a Flush Puppy and in another I put a blue biodegradable bag with water. Within a half hour the Flush Puppy glass looked like a milkshake; the blue bag was intact. The Flush Puppy bag curdled, shriveled, then started to shred itself like a tissue. The company that created the bags has a fantasy that people will start flushing their poop bags all the time to prevent pollution when you throw them out. Doubt it. But for in house accidents or hiking, these bags are a godsend.

A 15-bag packet is $4.

Carol Vinzant


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