Manor Lake Elisabeth Bloom in Holland


Thank you Babette for these lovely photos and for the wonderful note you sent us!



Hi Kim,

This is Elisabeth Bloom. She is a daughter of Nora and Eddie. She lives in the Netherlands with Babette and Jörgen and their other Australian Labradoodle Bente.
After adopting our first Doodle we were so excited that we started the Australian Labradoodle Club in the Netherlands. Our goal is to connect owners of Australian Labradoodles and to look after the intrest of this magnificent breed. If you can read Dutch than visit our website Otherwise just look at the pictures 😉

Bloom is doing very well. She is a nice chocolat medium with beautiful eyes and fleece coat. She understands our Dutch language very well, but if somebody speaks English it still gets her attention. Bloom is very smart. At 10 weeks she already sat at the door if she needed to go out. Now at 13 weeks she can sit and lay down at our command. She is loving her big ‘sister’. And that’s likewise for her ‘sister’.
Thanks Kim for this lovely girl.

Kind regards,
Babette and Jörgen


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