Manor Lake Australian Labradoodle Puppy Update From North Carolina


Thank you to Donald and Chewy for this nice update and adorable photos!


Kim and Mollie,

I just wanted to update you on Chewy [Chewbacca].  He was born of Nora
and Eddie on 5-11-08.  He has been such a joy to share a home with.
His loving temperament infects everyone.  One weekend when we left Chewy with our Aunt over the weekend [she has dogs and lives on the lake, and he loves it], she told us there was “something magical about that dog.”

After 2 rounds of obedience training, Chewy has shown his intelligence is far superior to the average dog.  He has all the commands mastered.  Next up, agility classes.  We are excited to be able to take him to our beach house in Hilton Head this summer.

Yesterday he got his first haircut.  I think that the groomer had more of a Schnauzer look in mind, but we’ll get it down pat in no time.  I had no idea what a sturdy, lean dog was under all that fur.

Thanks so much for the most incredible dog in the world.  In another year or so, I plan on calling you for another puppy that Chewy can show the ropes.

Charlotte, NC


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