Manor Lake Australian Labradoodle Puppy Testimonial


Thank you Kathleen for this lovely note!

Hi Mollie and Kim,

Time is flying by and Doogan is now 8 months. I will be sending you pictures as soon as I take  that class. I purchased a mac and I am not computer savvy but pictures will be coming. I think of you often and decided not to wait any longer to at least tell you how wonderful it has been to have Doogan. He is exactly as you describe his parents Tiffany and Eddie. He brings me so much joy. He has turned a beautiful cafe au lait with chocolate ears.He is 25 lbs. right now and my vet said he wiil most likely not be more than 30 lbs. as you also told me. He is a mellow fellow , warm and cuddly and loves people and other dogs as well. Everyone we meet falls in love with Doogan. He is so smart and learns easily. We started training immediately. He was housetrained in no time, he was very easy to crate train since you had started him with that as a little pup, and he transitioned onto a raw diet without any complications and loves it. He is happy and healthy and we enjoy every day together. My children are older but one of my son’s is still at home and he and I work together in training Doogan. My children love him. He is in doggy day care two days a week while I am at work and he loves playing in the pack.When we get to the daycare he races to the door to get in and play. Well I am going on but I just wanted you to know what a difference Doogan has made in our lives . Thank you and I will send along pictures. 
Warm Regards 

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