Manor Lake At The 2009 JDRF Gala


I along with two of our lovely Australian Labradoodle puppies had the opportunity to be a part of the 20th Anniversary Dream Gala for the Seattle Guild of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The event raised over 3 million dollars for Juvenile Diabetes research, it was held at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Seattle. We had so much fun making new friends, enjoying delicious cuisine, and seeing Jay Leno live and in person! Below are some photos from the event, more to come later.

view-from-hotelThis was the view from our hotel room, beautiful downtown Seattle. 

waiting-puppies2Aladdin and Danny, peeking out of their crate and happy to have arrived at the hotel. 

mollie-in-hotel-roomDanny and I ready to head to the VIP cocktail reception. 

mollie-and-danny-in-front-of-signGetting our photo taken! The event was black tie, and even Danny was dressed appropriately! 

silent-auctionPart of the ballroom at the Sheraton. 

mollie-and-julietteAt the VIP Cocktail Reception.

sleeping-on-the-couchNapping on the couch in the Governor’s Suite. 

auction-dining-room1The Grand Ballroom at the Sheraton.

waiting-in-the-storage-roomAladdin and Danny behind the scenes, waiting backstage!

jay-and-crowdJay Leno! 

jay-leno-iJay Leno performing stand up. 

jay-lenoJay Leno autographing an item for the auction. 


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