Buckle Up Your Manor Lake Australian Labradoodle!


We received this note from one of our puppy families in Washington D.C. recently to raise awareness about the importance of buckling up your Australian Labradoodle when riding in the car. Thank you Kelly, Cole and Marley!


Hey Kim & Mollie-

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Marley and share story with you all in hopes of raising awareness of the importance of buckling up our puppies! Also do you recommend any certified seat belts?

Marley is just about 4 months and is weighing in at 16 pounds! He has grown so fast. We are attending puppy classes at a local obedience school. He is about 5 weeks along and doing wonderfully. We have taught him sit, stay, NO (still a work in progress), Come (when he is on a leash) and give. The owner of the school is impressed with his progress and personality. In class he is always calm and ready to listen. We have also been meeting up with a local group of doodle owners, there are about 60 in the group! It is so much fun, and Marley loves playing with them all. Last weekend the weather was beautiful here and we went out for a walk… It took forever, because everyone who saw Marley had to stop to ask about him and of course pet him… We also got his final rounds of puppy shots last week, and the vet says he looks great!

On Saturday, Valentines day, we had spent the day playing on the rocks and enjoying the weather on Belle Isle with Marley. After leaving Marley jumped in the back seat and passed right out. I wanted to put him on my lap to snooze, but Cole reminded me he was filthy so we let him sleep in the back. We recently bought him a gentle leader so he was not buckled in with his harness as he usually is. Anyways we were headed up Main St. near cary town and a driver ran the red light at Belmont and T-boned us going 40 mph, hitting my side of the car. The first thing I remember was the impact and screaming for Marley. As we were spinning, I turned to see him and he wasn’t there. After we came to a stop, Marley was the only thing on my mind — Cole jumped out of the car, I knew he was fine. We found Marley on the rear driverside floor under the driver seat. I had to pass him through the window because Coles door is the only one that would open. Before coming to a stop on the sidewalk, we also jumped the curb and went over a fire hydrant. The hydrant ripped though the metal in the trunk and the passenger rear floorboard. We are so lucky Marley ended up on the rear floor of the drivers side of the car, he would be severely injured or not with us had he been on the passenger side. We are all fine and escaped with minor bruising and very sore muscles. The kid who his us was 22, it was his second drunk driving offense and was taken to jail, but seemed to thankfully be uninjured. We just found out this morning that he does have auto insurance and they are covering everything, even vet bills! I am so upset with myself for not having him buckled up, The witness said by the way I was screaming they thought we had had a child or baby in the back seat (he is my baby)…. So anyways buckle up your doodes, and car insurance does cover your pets!

We are sooo sooooo thankful to be ok, especially Marley!

I also attached some recent pictures. Thank you all so much, Marley is such an amazing puppy and perfect addition to our family.

Kelly, Cole & Marley

Washington D.C.

For more information on the importance of buckling up your Australian Labradoodle visit, http://www.barkbuckleup.com/.


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