Manor Lake’s Eco-Friendly and Green Products For Your Australian Labradoodle



Earth-friendly choices for eco-minded dogs.

1. With certified organic free-range chicken, organic brown rice, and organic flaxseed, Castor & Pollux’s ORGANIX Canine Formula is just good clean food.

2. Cain & Able’s Dirty and Hairy “Repel” natural pet spray with green tea, lime and citronella is both a refreshingly scented and effective way of dealing with bugs, fleas and ticks, plus, it’s odour neutralizing.

3. Bella dogg-issima! Your pup will sleep soundly with this comfy 100 percent organic cotton dog bed from BellaDogga, as will you, knowing you’ve made an earth-wise bedding choice.

4. The Good Life’s cute collars are perfect for more formal occasions and take the “reduce, reuse and recycle” motto to heart: All the collars are made from recycled ties!

5. Mrs. Meyer’s quality, naturally-made Oatmeal shampoo will leave your dog’s coat smelling and looking great without taking a toll on our environment.

6. Soda-ceiving! There are one and a half plastic bottles in each one of these super-soft recycled cotton/poly tees from From Scratch.

7. Dare to care! Let everyone know how you feel about Mother Earth and start reusing your plastic bags. Ensure you’ve got one handy by keeping a stylish, handmade 4 U 2 ReUse carrier (made of reused materials and organic fibers) attached to your leash or purse at all times.

8. Even if you don’t give a hoot about the environment (shame on you!), you’ll love Simply Fido’s natural hemp, organic owl toys stuffed with raw unbleached cotton.

9. The gorgeously designed Vurv pet feeder will leave all your eco-holic friends envious. The wenge wood is an earth-friendly, engineered composite veneer and it’s finished with a polyurethane varnish, which doesn’t exude poisonous fumes like lacquer.


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