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Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles Gives Back

December 22, 2008

Below is a list of non-profit organizations that Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles has supported this year of 2008:

Whatcom Day Academy of Bellingham, Washington
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Savannah, Georgia
Junior Achievement of Washington
Western Washington University Foundation of Bellingham, Washington

Planned support for 2009 will include:

St. Paul’s Academy of Bellingham, Washington
Junior Achievement of Washington
Whatcom Day Academy of Bellingham, Washington
Make-A-Wish Foundation of Alaska, Montana, Northern Idaho, and Washington
Daffodil Festival Foundation of Pierce County

If you have a donation/support request please email us at or


Gift Guide For Your Manor Lake Australian Labradoodle

December 19, 2008


The Ultimutt Gift Guide Inspired suggestions for all the dogs on your list. For the full ultimutt gift guide, check out the winter issue of Modern Dog Magazine!

1. The Dog Smog Remedy, with natural ingredients like peppermint, fennel, parsley, and ginger, will not only freshen your dog’s breath with a spritz, but will also freshen the other end by helping prevent gaseous situations.

2. With vegetable-dyed Italian leather, Austrian crystal, and a cabochon center stone, this handmade collar channels the classic couture designers.

3. Charge it! Shop at Barkingdale’s or any other of your favourite dog-partment stores with these squeaky credit cards from Haute Diggity Dog.

4. For those without a dog, diamonds make a decent best-friend substitute. A gift of Tiffany’s platinum and diamond Scottie Dog charm with emerald collar will ensure you’re close to her heart.

5. The sparkle in Fifi’s eyes can only be matched by that of her 14k white gold and diamond bone id tag from Cuddly Ruff. Engraveable on front and back.

6. Peace, man. Coordinate with your furry friend with matching sterling “Peace Love Paw” pendants from Andrea Levine, yours on a ball chain and your BFF’s on a heart tag for his collar.

7. West Paw Design’s comfy, earth-friendly Eco Naps dog beds are a great gift pick for the eco-conscious dog on your list. 85 percent of the fabric in these mats is comprised of post-consumer recycled plastic from soda-pop bottles. Over 40 plastic bottles are diverted from landfills with every Extra Large Eco Nap!

8. Take the “reuse” mantra to heart. Just fill the body cavity of these fun, bright toys with an empty water bottle and let Captain crunch the day away. Irresistible!

9. This line of plush wildlife toys was inspired by the bestselling book and upcoming movie Marley & Me. Let’s just hope they don’t inspire your dog to behave like Marley!

10. Shea Pet’s Fair Trade Green Tea & Sea Kelp shampoo will add a touch of organic luster to your dog’s coat while supporting women’s cooperatives in Uganda. Great hair/good deed!

11. Harry Barker’s hemp beds are eco-friendly to the core. The durable fabric is grown without pesticides, the dyes used are non-chemical, and the hypo-allergenic bed inserts are made of recycled post-consumer plastic bottles. Earth-tastic!

12. Indoor dog. Let the dog in with this dapper dog print, part of the hand-printed wallpaper collection from Osborne and Little.

13. Gourmet and ready to go, PeakWaggers all-natural, human-grade dehydrated dog meals offer a pick-me-up for hard-working, hard-playing dogs.

14. Train Rover to be a SmartyPants with this plush game from Canine Genius. The smaller toys are removable for hours of brain-building play action.

15. Calm Rover and provide an Immunity boost with I Love Dogs Green Tea antioxidant supplements. The blister pack packaging keeps the vitamins fresh and ups the potency by keeping air and human oils at bay longer.

16. Celebs aren’t the only ones flashing their pearly whites anymore; spike your dog’s water with HealthyMouth and improve her standard of dental hygiene.

17. For a full year of dogs impressively in touch with their inner chi, pin up a Yoga Dogz calendar for inspiration every time you feel like skipping your own workout.

Available Chocolate and White Parti Australian Labradoodle Male at Manor Lake

December 18, 2008

We have available to a loving home a handsome chocolate and white parti Australian Labradoodle male. He is about 4 months old and as sweet as can be. Fore more information on this lovely boy please contact us at or


Manor Lake’s Holiday Safety For Your Australian Labradoodle

December 16, 2008

The holidays have officially arrived. To keep the season merry, bright and safe for the entire family — including Donner, Blitzen and all our four-legged friends — here are some timely tips:

Holiday Decorations

• Many holiday plants are poisonous. Holly, mistletoe, poinsettias, many forms of lilies…just to name a few. Ask your veterinarian if you have specific questions, but a good rule of thumb is keep pets away from all holiday plants or opt for imitation plants!

• Tree water often contains preservatives which are sugar-based and inviting to pets as well as other toxic chemicals that were used on the tree. Use a tree skirt as well as the barricade to prevent access to this water.

• Many trees have been pulled down in a pet’s attempt to eat the decorations made of popcorn, candy canes and gingerbread. This can damage the tree and decorations, as well as upset your pet’s stomach or cause injury.

• Make sure to keep your pet from eating the needles on the tree since they’re sharp and can irritate the mouth and digestive tract if eaten.

• Secure your tree to the wall or the ceiling. In the event your pet jumps on the tree or tries to pull something off, the tree will remain upright and not fall. Also, pets will often play with ornaments and, because glass breaks easily, cuts to the mouth, esophagus and paw pads could happen. If glass ornaments are a must, then place them high on the tree where your pet can’t reach.

• Some lights can overheat and burn pets. Other curious pets can pull the lights off the tree and become entangled in the wires. Chewing on wires can cause problems like burned mouths and electrocution. Make sure to place ALL wires out of reach.

Holiday Fare

• Avoid chocolate, fruits and nuts. Grapes, raisins and macadamia nuts, as well as chocolate (especially dark and baking chocolate), can cause stomach upset and are sometimes even deadly.

• Uncooked dough. Dough can expand and produce gas in the stomach which can cause bloat, severe pain and possible rupture of the digestive system. If you are leaving dough out to rise, keep your pet out of that room.

Pet Gifts

• Avoid giving your pet small toys or toys with small parts that could be chewed off. Avoid toys with squeakers or rattles inside because some pets will tear these toys apart and eat the center.

• Avoid non-nutritious treats. Read the label for ingredients before giving your pet a new treat. Many treats are poorly nutritious and filled with or coated with carbohydrates, sugars (e.g. corn syrup, molasses, fructose, etc), artificial colorings or flavorings. Choose high quality all natural pet treats to insure optimum health for your pet during this busy season.

December 12th, 2008 by Dr. Donna Spector
Halo Purely For Pets Blog

Manor Lake’s Sleeping Australian Labradoodle Puppies

December 11, 2008

Below are some fun photos of our tired pups, they had been playing all morning. They enjoy chasing tennis balls that we throw for them with the Chuck It Stick. Nap time!




Manor Lake’s Eco-Friendly and Green Products For Your Australian Labradoodle

December 10, 2008


Earth-friendly choices for eco-minded dogs.

1. With certified organic free-range chicken, organic brown rice, and organic flaxseed, Castor & Pollux’s ORGANIX Canine Formula is just good clean food.

2. Cain & Able’s Dirty and Hairy “Repel” natural pet spray with green tea, lime and citronella is both a refreshingly scented and effective way of dealing with bugs, fleas and ticks, plus, it’s odour neutralizing.

3. Bella dogg-issima! Your pup will sleep soundly with this comfy 100 percent organic cotton dog bed from BellaDogga, as will you, knowing you’ve made an earth-wise bedding choice.

4. The Good Life’s cute collars are perfect for more formal occasions and take the “reduce, reuse and recycle” motto to heart: All the collars are made from recycled ties!

5. Mrs. Meyer’s quality, naturally-made Oatmeal shampoo will leave your dog’s coat smelling and looking great without taking a toll on our environment.

6. Soda-ceiving! There are one and a half plastic bottles in each one of these super-soft recycled cotton/poly tees from From Scratch.

7. Dare to care! Let everyone know how you feel about Mother Earth and start reusing your plastic bags. Ensure you’ve got one handy by keeping a stylish, handmade 4 U 2 ReUse carrier (made of reused materials and organic fibers) attached to your leash or purse at all times.

8. Even if you don’t give a hoot about the environment (shame on you!), you’ll love Simply Fido’s natural hemp, organic owl toys stuffed with raw unbleached cotton.

9. The gorgeously designed Vurv pet feeder will leave all your eco-holic friends envious. The wenge wood is an earth-friendly, engineered composite veneer and it’s finished with a polyurethane varnish, which doesn’t exude poisonous fumes like lacquer.

Your Manor Lake Australian Labradoodle’s Horoscope

December 9, 2008


Sagittarius(Nov 22 to Dec 21) Sure, you top the list for rec room affairs with a warm keg of Bowser beer in the corner, but if you hanker for higher-class invites, move beyond your frat-brat antics (drinking from the toilet bowl is a definite faux paw) and hope your cleaned-up act lands you on swankier guest lists.

Capricorn(Dec 22 to Jan 19) Sadly, your rep from last year’s office party has stuck with you. Expect others to watch with bated breath as you skirt the boss’ wife and the bean dip. The only thing to do now is pretend you don’t notice Larry from Accounts Receivable snickering at you and bypass the circulating tray of muttinis to prevent further disasters.

Aquarius(Jan 20 to Feb 18) Sure, sure, you say it’s love but lets call it what it is—plain old animal magnetism. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but you may want to put the brakes on all the talk of holy muttrimony. And, for heaven’s sake, don’t tempt fate with a trip to Vegas, lest you return home wed by a Bulldog in an Elvis costume.

Pisces(Feb 19 to March 20) Though you might not be making the final cut on So You Think You Can Dance, if you think about it, the splits are down-right impossible with four legs. And if your owner didn’t keep screwing up your freestyle moves, (you want to pop, she’s all about contemporary), well, really, the sky would be the limit…

Aries(March 21 to Apr 19) If you plan on easing into the New Year with a little grace, keep in mind these three simple yet effective mantras: your new best friend is NOT a stinky sock fetched from the dirty laundry bin; “snacks” ought not to be filched from the kitty litter box (seriously); and Eau de P.U. is not a designer cologne. How simple the path to greater social finesse.

Taurus(Apr 20 to May 20) So you went a little wild and crazy at the dog park last week. Everyone else was drinking the puddle water, too, right? It’s not like they’ll remember when you wiped out in the mud outside the dog run (or so you tell yourself). Just take it easy next time round.

Gemini(May 21 to June 20) Once again, you go overboard on gifts: a chewed up newspaper for the neighbours; a freshly-tracked-in smell impregnated into the carpet fibers; a fine layer of dog hair on the couch. Nothing like giving a piece of yourself. You’re nothing if not thoughtful.

Cancer(June 21 to July 22) A suggestion: Re-lax. Walks are starting to become a chore for everyone involved, what with all the leash-straining, warning barking at nothing, rampant urine marking, and the sneaking up on and scaring of other walkers. Sheesh. Walk-time can be fun again—if you let it.

Leo(July 23 to Aug 22) You apply yourself to higher pursuits (Contemplation of string theory, Aristolean philosophical debate) but all you get in return is “Get your toy! Where’s your toy? Get your toy!” Don’t lose heart; a life of the mind is its own reward.

Virgo(Aug 23 to Sept 22) All this talk about “it’s a dog’s life” is really starting to irk you. Don’t they realize how busy you are? It takes serious vigilance to spot the courier at 20 paces and bark the alert. Ditto for lurching at squirrels viewed out the corner of your eye. And what of the gastric fortitude necessary for sampling just about anything found on the sidewalk? How ‘bout some credit already?

Libra(Sept 23 to Oct 22) With gainful employment your goal for the New Year, a taking stock is in order. Topping your skill set list? A beautiful singing voice, a mean sit-stay, and undeniable photogenic-ness. Looks like you might want to be packing your bags for Hollywoof.

Scorpio(Oct 23 to Nov 21) You are doing everything you can to rectify the bum rap your brethren get as “stinky dogs.” You are the pinnacle of good grooming, never showing up anywhere in less than impeccable dress. Even the late night round-the-block necessitates an outfit change. Thank goodness someone is elevating the bar.

Aries(March 21 to Apr 19) If you plan on easing into the New Year with a little grace, keep in mind these three simple yet effective mantras: your new best friend is NOT a stinky sock fetched from the dirty laundry bin; “snacks” ought not to be filched from the kitty litter box (seriously); and Eau de P.U. is not a designer cologne. How simple the path to greater social finesse.
Illustrations by Jess Golden Illustrations and Kathy Weller

Stella’s Darling Australian Labradoodle Puppies Born At Manor Lake

December 5, 2008


Our lovely Stella gave birth to her puppies on December 2, 2008. Mom and puppies are all doing very well, Stella is an excellent mother. For more information and availability on these puppies please contact us at or

Manor Lake Lady Nora Gives Birth To Beautiful Chocolate Medium Australian Labradoodle Puppies

December 5, 2008


We are so excited to announce the birth of Manor Lake Lady Nora and Cloudcatcher’s Limited Edition (Eddie’s) chocolate Australian Labradoodle puppies- Nora gave birth to her puppies on 12-4-08. They will mature at a medium size and all have beautiful fleece coats. For more information and availability on this litter please contact us at or

Introducing Manor Lake’s Luka and Simone Enjoying The Seattle Rain

December 4, 2008

Manor Lake Luka and Simone are two amazing chocolate Australian Labradoodles that live with Seattle photographer Jenny Jimenez and her husband Robin. Jenny and Robin were kind enough to share with us some photos of Luka and Simone’s play time in the rain over the weekend. Enjoy!