Pennsylvania Australian Labradoodle Puppy Reference


Hi Mollie and Kim!

We are so in love with Jax! Jonathan and Jax are inseperable! He arrived fully trained! How did you do that? ;). He is so sweet and playful and curious AND puts himself to sleep to nap in his crate! We play music for him at bedtime (fyi the music stopped him from yelping within 5 min all 3 nites) and he slept 7 hours! We couldn’t bring ourselves to leave him at home for the Diabetes Walk to find a Cure. We purchased a soft shearling carrier and he stole the show! Made it on our local news! Slept upside down in the puppy carrier the entire 3 mile walk! Ill send a picture from the walk!

I’ve given your website address out at least 5 times! Hopefully we will have a neighborhood playmate from his birthplace soon!

You have a wonderful way of matching puppies with families. To do this long distance was quite unique but in the end all worth it! The children are all walking in from school now and Jax is smothering them with kisses!

Thanks again for being so good at what you do! Your Manor Lake puppies and dogs are all so precious. And so well cared for.

We are truly in Australian Labradoodle heaven,

And I’m not exaggerating one bit! 🙂


Michelle Mark Lauren Morgan J.B. And JAX!


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