Herbs for your Australian Labradoodle’s Health


Seeking Natural remedies to some common canine aliments? Try these herbal cures, four pharmaceutical-free ways to good health – from relief for a troubled tummy to calming a nervous disposition.

For stress and anxiety, Bach’s Rescue Remedy is often recommended for both human and canine stress and anxiety. Created by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1900s, the sworn-by calming blend is a mix of cherry plum, star of Bethelehem, rockrose, clematis and impatiens.

Digestive aid slippery elm (Ulmus fulva) is one of the most commonly recommended herbs for digestive troubles. Its soothing mucilage properties promote health of irritation and aid in smoothing the digestive tract. It is considered especially helpful for ulcers.

For arthritis, yucca root contain steroidal saponins and is considered a great paid reliever and anti-inflammatory. It is often recommended for arthritis because it reduces swelling of soft tissue and increases circulation in damaged tissue.

For allergies, horsetail (Esquisetun arvense) has a high silica content which aides in the health of skin, bones, fur and claws. Horsetail is also useful in treating urinary tract infections.

Herbal remedies can come in the form of liquids (teas, infusions, and extracts), ointments, dried, oils and capsules. It’s important to remember that reaction to the herbs can vary, so it’s always a good idea to be alert to any side effects that might occur. In some dogs, herbal medicine may be quite effective while in others, not at all. It is also advisable to talk with your veterinarian before administering remedies.

Onlynauturalpet.com is a great source for herbabl blends. For more on botanical medicine, see the Veterinary Botanical Medical Association’s site, vbma.org.
From Modern Dog Magazine – by Elizabth Gardiner


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