Ten Tips on Basic Australian Labradoodle Puppy Training


1. Manage your puppy’s environment – if the puppy gets into something he/she shouldn’t, it’s probably your fault for allowing him/her access to it. You control what your puppy gets into.

2. Socialize – provide your puppy with lots of positive experiences and interactions with other people, pets and places.

3. Discourage nipping behaviours – If your puppy bites you, shout “Ouch” and walk away.

4. Training treats – use a yummy bite-sized treat to reward your pup for correct behavior.

5. Crate train – a crate is a great way to housetrain your Australian Labradoodle puppy and gives him/her a safe and secure place to sleep as well as get away from the hustle and bustle of the household.

6. Potty time – establish a potty place and a solid routine and then be consistent.

7. Puppy class – enroll your puppy in a puppy kindergarten class (after he/she has had all puppy shots) In addition to basic training commands, a puppy class gives valuable social interaction with other puppies and people.

8. Grooming routine – even if your Australian Labradoodle puppy doesn’t need to be brushed or have his/her nails done, get him/her comfortable with the sensations. Reward him/her with a special treat after each short practice session.

9. Ask for a SIT before going out – teach your pup that good things happen when he/she does as you ask.

10. Focus on the positive – Reward and praise your Australian Labradoodle puppy for the things he/she does right.

Above all, consistency is the key with whatever lessons you are trying to teach your Australian Labradoodle puppy.


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