Housebreaking Tips for Australian Labradoodle Puppies


Several clients have asked about housebreaking their Australian Labradoodle puppies using the Poochie-Bell method – below is information from http://www.poochiebellscom.

The Poochie-Bells® Training Method

Training your pet with Poochie-Bells relies on consistency. Training time depends on your effort with
your pet. No dog is too old to learn this behavior. Our system is based on the great psychologist Ivan Pavlov’s discovery, that one form of learning is a result of repeated stimulus. By ringing the bells each and every time the dog is to go outside (creating a stimulus), the resulting action will be the reward of being able to go outside. Your pet will learn to associate the stimulus of the bells with the ability to go outside.

Step One:
Hang your Poochie-Bells on the inside of the door(s) that your pet typically exits your house from.
Open the top snap and either loop over the doorknob or through the handle and snap into place. Your
Poochie-Bell doggie doorbell will hang approximately 25 inches down the inside of your door. Bells
are positioned on your ribbon at two heights so that it accommodates many different sized dogs (both
large and small breeds). Your dog only needs to nudge any part of the ribbon to ring the bells. Most
Dogs Can Reach! Your Poochie-Bells should stay on the door (or on a small hook next to the door) at
all times so that your pet can access whenever he/she needs to.

Step Two:
Each time you take your pooch outside for a walk, or outside for any reason; state a simple command
phrase, we suggest “Outside…Ring the Bells”. Get your family involved! All members of your
household should be consistent and use the same wording and actions with your pet.

Step Three:
After stating your command phrase, ring your Poochie-Bells in front of the dog. The dog should see
AND hear the bells.

Step Four:
After ringing the bells and saying the command phrase, follow through with praise to your pet and allow him to go outside. (You should not reward your dog with a food treat, as the reward of going outside and praise from his favorite person is reward enough. In addition, your dog will then associate treats with ringing the bell rather than going outside.)


Step Five:
After several weeks of this conditioning, start just using the phrase each time your dog wants to exit
and stop ringing the bells. Tell him “Outside…Ring the Bells”, wait for his action. Point to the bells. If
he rings the bells, praise him and allow him to go out. If he does NOT ring the bells, ring the bells for
him, restate your command phrase and then allow him outside.

Step Six:
Each week that follows, repeat this conditioning until your dog starts to ring the bells on his own. It is critical that you praise the dog on his newly learned behavior to reinforce this action.

Listen for the bells. You will start hearing them ring. You may be in a different room while your pet is
ringing the bells…..go let him/her out!


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