California Manor Lake Australian Labradoodle Puppy Testimonial


Mollie and Kim:

Attached are some pictures of Moula from four weeks ago. I promise to send more recent photos as soon as I download them as her hair is much longer and every weekend I notice how much bigger she is getting. She is adorable. When Moula arrived she weighed 4.5 lbs. On August 12 – ten days after her first visit to the vet she weighed 6 lbs. Gained one-third of her weight in 10 days! Last week she weighed 7.8 lbs. Still small but growing. You were right in that Moula is the sweetest little girl. She has the best temperament, is very eager to learn but at the same time can be a little devil. She loves to play, loves belly rubs and is fascinated with water. I have a fountain in the courtyard and before I knew it, who was in the middle of the fountain having a great ole time? Moula.

Moula comes to work with me every afternoon. I go home at lunch and then she comes back to the office with me. All at work are in love with her. People are so amazed by her looks and personality. My office looks like a doggy day care – toys everywhere, potty pad (just in case), dog dishes, small crate, etc. She is a spoiled little girl. And we both are very thankful I have a boss who loves dogs and who by the way loves Moula.

I couldn’t be more pleased. Of all the pups I have had, Moula is by far the easiest to train. Housebreaking is going well. Since the day she came home though she has not once messed during the night. Moula has learned to sit on command, stay for short periods of time and we are now working on down. Leash training was a breeze. We also are working on “be quiet” because she can be a talker and she needs to learn sometimes the talking needs to stop. She climbed stairs the first week home but has yet to go down them. So every time I go upstairs she has to come with me and I have to carry her down. She started to look as if she was going to attempt to go down the stairs yesterday afternoon but that didn’t happen. In time she will. She follows me everywhere!!!!!

I cannot thank both of you enough. The time and effort you put into Moula before she arrived truly shows.

Moula is the best little girl. Loved by all who meet her but most of all loved very much by me. I couldn’t imagine not having her.

San Diego, California


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