Manor Lake’s Understanding Common Dog Behavior


This was an informative article we found on Cesar Millan’s blog that you might find useful in better understanding your Manor Lake Australian Labradoodle.

Understanding common dog behaviors
Posted Tue, Apr 22, 2008, 1:56 pm PDT

Understanding the cause for common canine behaviors can help you better relate to your dog.
Barking is an important means of canine communication. In nature, dogs “sound the alarm” to alert other pack members of new arrivals or possible danger.

Panting is how dogs regulate their body temperature. Dogs lack the ability to sweat, except for a small area of their feet pads, so panting is their primary method of expelling heat.

Digging, particularly for terrier breeds, is instinctual. Dogs dig to find or hide food, such as rats or other rodents. During the summer, dogs sometimes dig dens to escape the heat.

Jumping up, though it is sometimes done in playful manner, is actually a way your dog attempts to assert dominance. Many owners misinterpret this behavior as “happiness” or a form of greeting.

Separation anxiety is natural for dogs, because they are a pack-oriented species. They are not used to separating from the group. You can make separation easier for your dog by leaving him in resting or relaxation mode by providing him with proper exercise before you leave him alone.

Remember, problem behaviors develop when your dog’s needs are not being met. If you are having trouble with your dog, think about the Fulfillment Formula: Exercise, Discipline, and then Affection. Are you providing this for your dog?


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