Bonding with Your Manor Lake Australian Labradoodle Puppy


Bonding Exercise

Bonding and getting to know your Manor Lake Australian Labradoodle puppy is important right from the start. This is a nice exercise Manor Lake clients and families can perform with their Australian Labradoodle puppy to begin establishing your wonderful life-long bond.

Four Reasons for the Bonding Exercise

1. Establishes your dominance (leadership) over your Australian Labradoodle puppy in a non-aggressive manner.

2. It will help you develop a close bond between you and your Australian Labradoodle puppy.

3. Allows you to give your Australian Labradoodle puppy a complete body check everyday. Things such the start of an ear infection, small lumps, ticks, cuts, etc. can go unnoticed and if you catch them early it will be easier to treat.

4. Teaches your Australian Labradoodle puppy that it is OK for you to touch all parts of their body. For example if you need to put eye drops in your puppy’s eyes it will make things a lot less challenging if you have done this exercise right from the start.

Set the Tone

Wait until your Australian Labradoodle puppy has settled and is not in a heightened state of excitement – after a good hearty play session with a few minutes to settle down is a good opportunity. Have the room quiet or with soft mellow music playing. You relax and settle yourself. During this whole exercise, use a slow calming voice. When touching the puppy you should use soft slow stokes. Moving too quickly, pressing too hard can activate and excite the puppy.

Position your Australian Labradoodle Puppy

Sit your Australian Labradoodle puppy facing away from you: kneel, or sit with your legs spread outward, behind your puppy and put them in a sitting position by placing your arm behind and just under their bum and push his chest back with your other hand. Gently tuck him into a sitting position. Do not press down on his bum because it is bad for his hip joints. You can also utilize a treat to lure the puppy in a sit position.

Down your Australian Labradoodle puppy: lift both front legs gently place the puppy in a down position or lure the puppy to the down position utilizing a treat. Do not force them down by pressing on their shoulder blades because this is bad for the shoulders. If your puppy goes to get up at any point during this exercise growl at them (GRRRRRRR) a loud forceful growl like his mother would do and place them back into the down position. You may have to repeat this numerous times initially but this will calm your puppy right down and they will become relaxed.

Begin the Exercise

1. Gently massage the shoulders. Tell your puppy what you are doing throughout the entire exercise (say “shoulders” over and over while you are doing this)

2. Move your hands down the front legs pads of the feet, under the arm pits and under the tail and massage them (say “legs”)

3. Touch between all the webs (between their toes) (say “webs”)

4. Touch all the nails (say “nails”) you can clip them/file them at this point.

5. Move your hands up to the head and start massaging the head (say “head”) your puppy should be very relaxed at this point.

6. Look in the eyes and pull down the eyelid (say eyes) you are making sure everything looks normal, no cloudiness, no guck or rolling in/out of the eye lids etc.

7. Lift up the lip (say “teeth”) you can take a finger toothbrush and brush your puppy’s teeth and massage their gums.

8. Lift up the ears (say “ears”) make sure they are clean and pluck or trim any hair that may be accumulating inside the ear. You can do this by taking your fingers and just pulling it out. It comes out fairly easy and doesn’t hurt them if done a little bit at a time.

9. Move your hands down to the chest and start massaging the chest (say “chest”)

10. Place your puppy on their left side. Check under the stomach, check the pads of the feet, under the arm pits and under the tail. In male puppy’s that are un-neutered check the testicles for lumps because un-neutered males can develop testicular cancer.

11. Place your puppy on his right side by gently rolling them over on their back and then onto their other side. You do this roll by taking hold of all legs and just guide them over. Check under the stomach, check the pads of the feet, under the arm pits.

Once you have completed all these steps say “release” or “free” and give your Australian Labradoodle puppy lots of praise! Then take your puppy outside for potty.

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