Leash Training your Manor Lake Australian Labradoodle


For those of you trying to figure out the best way to leash train your Manor Lake Australian Labradoodle, read through this article we found from Dog Fancy Magazine.

The do’s and don’ts of leash training your dog.
Pat Miller

1. DO use dog-friendly training methods to teach your dog to walk politely on leash so outings are enjoyable for you both.

2. DO keep slack in the lead anytime your dog isn’t pulling.

3. DO keep excess leash material looped in your hand to avoid tripping.

4. DO use an appropriate leash and collar or harness to avoid injury to your dog and yourself.

5. DO exercise your dog off leash where safe and appropriate. A walk on leash is not adequate exercise for most dogs.

6. DO clean up after your dog whenever he eliminates on walks. Irresponsible dog-walkers spoil it for everyone.

7. DO use long lines or retractable leads only where there aren’t other dogs and humans who could get tangled.

8. DO prevent your dog from rudely greeting others. Not everyone appreciates his exuberant salutations.

9. DO respect local leash laws, park regulations and homeowner association rules.

10. DON’T tether your dog to your waist or arm unless you are confident you’re strong enough to restrain him if he pulls. Never tether him to the body of a child or physically challenged walker.

11. DON’T jerk on your dog’s leash to prevent contact with dogs or humans. This can cause aggression. Instead, feed treats to regain his attention.

12. DON’T take your dog off his leash unless you’re in a safely enclosed area, or a wide-open, dog-legal space and your dog comes reliably when called.

13. DON’T leave your dog tied and unattended on walks while you run into the storeeven for just a moment. Your dog is at risk for teasing, tormenting and theft.

14. DON’T let your dog soil lawns while on walks.

15. DO take your dog for lots of long, enjoyable walks. They’re good for both of you and for your relationship!


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