Give Your Dog a “pawdicure”


This is an article we found in Dog Fancy magazine,

You might get pedicures for a little extra pampering, but keeping your dog’s nails short and smooth isn’t about luxury, it’s about healthy feet. Long nails can injure feet because a long-nailed paw can’t stand properly on a hard surface. Dogs also may slip if they can’t get a grip. Weekly “pawdicures” won’t take much time, and your dog will quickly get used to the new routine. Trim just the very tips off nails with a nail trimmer made for dogs, smooth rough edges with a steel file, rub foot balm made for dogs into dry, cracked paw pads, trim long nail hair from between pads and toes, and for a fancy finishing touch, consider a coat of doggie nail polish in feminine pink, racy red or punk-rock black.


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