New Australian Labradoodle Puppy Reference


Here is another lovely note we received from a client in New Jersey,

Dear Kim,

There are no words that we can use to express how much we love our little Cali LG (short for Little Girl). We loved the name and thought we would continue it from mother to daughter. Our little girl has brightened up our home once again since we lost our last companion after 17 years. She is a fur ball of sheer pleasure and fun. When we give her the command “Outside”, she comes to us and sits down so that we can put her collar and leash on her. The occasional accident in the house doesn’t phase us as she is learning quite quickly to “go potty” outside. Her intelligence, personality and loving kisses are a testimony to your wonderful commitment to breeding the best Labradoodles. Starting with the attention that was given to her during shipping to your phone support, we don’t think that there could be a more caring or professional breeder anywhere. Thank you once again for such a wonderful bundle of joy.

Mark and Joyce
New Jersey


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