Finding Dog Food for Your Australian Labradoodle


We have had several Manor Lake clients request information on how to find the Wellness brand dog food. We have recently discovered the SmartPak Catelog and website. If you are looking for Wellness brand food or other quality human-grade dog foods, consider SmartPak Canine — they sell only premium all-natural foods. Also, you can call and consult with a SmartPak animal health food expert.

How the SmartPak System works
-You select the food and daily portion that’s the right size for your dog. Not sure? Call SmartPak at 1-800-326-0282 to speak with their product specialists most of whom have animal science degrees.
-They create individual serving pouches in the exact portion you request (56 total-that’s a 28 day supply for twice daily feeding.)
-They ship the SmartPaks to your door every month. You’ll never run out or need to carry those large, cumbersome bags again!
-Also right now you get a FREE storage drawer with your first order.
-Portions are pre-measured to help your maintain a healthy weight.
-Every SmartPak is sealed so food is always fresh.
-Every batch of food is tested to ensure that it is Melamine & Cyanuric Acid-Free.

Their website is.

If you decide to order from SmartPak, please email us with your feedback.


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