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Manor Lake’s Fun Backyard Games with your Australian Labradoodle

January 31, 2008

Here are some fun game ideas to play with your Australian Labradoodle that we read about on Dog Fancy Magazine.

Fun Backyard Games With Your Dog
Backyard versions of six popular canine games.

Cathy M. Rosenthal

You throw the ball over and over again, and your dog happily retrieves it. But wouldn’t it be more fun to play with your dog in ways that bring out his special talents? Borrowing a few ideas from canine sports, use these tips to make backyard playtime more fun.
Jumping. Make your own agility or flyball hurdle by placing a broom or PVC pipe across two plastic buckets. Hold a treat on one side, and encourage your dog to jump over.

Jump, sit, stay. Create an agility pause table by placing a bench, ottoman, or piece of carpeted plywood on four cement blocks. Teach your dog to jump onto the low table, then sit or lie down for five seconds, then jump off. Ta-da!

Backyard tunneling. Using a nylon pipe tunnel, coax your dog inside it with food. Run alongside the tunnel or sit at the other end to persuade him through. Reward your dog with toys or food at the end.

Enthusiastic fetching. Flyball dogs are rapid fetchers. To build your dog’s excitement, throw the ball, hold him back for 10 seconds, and then let him sprint after it.

Hide and seek. Teach tracking skills by showing your dog a toy and hiding it in an easy to find location. Once he gets the hang of the game, ask friends to walk away from your dog to a hiding place in the yard. Ready or not, here he comes. As your dog’s skills improve, have your dog sit with his back turned while everyone else hides.

Simon says. In Rally obedience, you instruct your dog to perform skills printed on directional signs. Make your own obedience signs, such as “right turn,” and place them around the yard to create a mini-course for you and your dog.


Standard Australian Labradoodle Puppies Available at Manor Lake early Spring

January 30, 2008

Cloudcatcher’s Limited Edition (Eddie)


Our beautiful Grace is expecting a chocolate/cafe litter of gorgeous Australian Labradoodle puppies in a standard size with our own Cloudcatcher’s Limited Edition (Eddie) for early spring. They are due March 3, 2008 and would be ready to go to their new homes in May 2008. This is going to be a fantastic litter of puppies with temperaments matching the great looks from this pair. Please contact us at if you would like to reserve a puppy from this litter.

Chocolate Australian Labradoodle Puppies Available at Manor Lake

January 29, 2008

Avonlees Cheyenne and Cloudcatcher’s Limited Edition
Australian Multigeneration Labradoodles in Medium
in Chocolate/Cafe. Born December 6, 2007

Handsome Chocolate Male Australian Labradoodle Puppy Available. He is 8 weeks old has a great temperament; he loves playing with his toys, being held and giving kisses. He will be ready to go to his new home as soon as Friday February 8, 2008.



Beautiful Chocolate Australian Labradoodle Female Puppy Available, she is 8 weeks old has an excellent medium temperament with a very loving and friendly personality. She will also be ready to go to her new home as soon as Friday February 8, 2008.

Please contact us at for more information.

Manor Lake’s Australian Labradoodle Puppies in the Snow!

January 29, 2008

This morning here at Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles we woke up to a winter wonderland, it snowed so much that we got five inches of snow and the kids do not even have school. All of our puppies and dogs are enjoying playing in the snow, rolling around making snow angels, and frolicking about! They abosolutely love it! Below are some photos of our Australian Labradoodle’s romping around in the snow. Enjoy.









Give Your Dog a “pawdicure”

January 28, 2008

This is an article we found in Dog Fancy magazine,

You might get pedicures for a little extra pampering, but keeping your dog’s nails short and smooth isn’t about luxury, it’s about healthy feet. Long nails can injure feet because a long-nailed paw can’t stand properly on a hard surface. Dogs also may slip if they can’t get a grip. Weekly “pawdicures” won’t take much time, and your dog will quickly get used to the new routine. Trim just the very tips off nails with a nail trimmer made for dogs, smooth rough edges with a steel file, rub foot balm made for dogs into dry, cracked paw pads, trim long nail hair from between pads and toes, and for a fancy finishing touch, consider a coat of doggie nail polish in feminine pink, racy red or punk-rock black.

Fun Dog Facts

January 27, 2008

From CityDog Magazine

Did you Know?

A one year old dog is as mature physically as a 15 year old human?

The United States has the largest dog population in the world: France has the second largest.

Three dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic

New Australian Labradoodle Puppy Reference

January 25, 2008

Here is another lovely note we received from a client in New Jersey,

Dear Kim,

There are no words that we can use to express how much we love our little Cali LG (short for Little Girl). We loved the name and thought we would continue it from mother to daughter. Our little girl has brightened up our home once again since we lost our last companion after 17 years. She is a fur ball of sheer pleasure and fun. When we give her the command “Outside”, she comes to us and sits down so that we can put her collar and leash on her. The occasional accident in the house doesn’t phase us as she is learning quite quickly to “go potty” outside. Her intelligence, personality and loving kisses are a testimony to your wonderful commitment to breeding the best Labradoodles. Starting with the attention that was given to her during shipping to your phone support, we don’t think that there could be a more caring or professional breeder anywhere. Thank you once again for such a wonderful bundle of joy.

Mark and Joyce
New Jersey

Finding Dog Food for Your Australian Labradoodle

January 24, 2008

We have had several Manor Lake clients request information on how to find the Wellness brand dog food. We have recently discovered the SmartPak Catelog and website. If you are looking for Wellness brand food or other quality human-grade dog foods, consider SmartPak Canine — they sell only premium all-natural foods. Also, you can call and consult with a SmartPak animal health food expert.

How the SmartPak System works
-You select the food and daily portion that’s the right size for your dog. Not sure? Call SmartPak at 1-800-326-0282 to speak with their product specialists most of whom have animal science degrees.
-They create individual serving pouches in the exact portion you request (56 total-that’s a 28 day supply for twice daily feeding.)
-They ship the SmartPaks to your door every month. You’ll never run out or need to carry those large, cumbersome bags again!
-Also right now you get a FREE storage drawer with your first order.
-Portions are pre-measured to help your maintain a healthy weight.
-Every SmartPak is sealed so food is always fresh.
-Every batch of food is tested to ensure that it is Melamine & Cyanuric Acid-Free.

Their website is.

If you decide to order from SmartPak, please email us with your feedback.

Australian Labradoodle Puppy Water Safety

January 22, 2008

We wanted to post the below so our new puppy owners are careful with their new Australian Labradoodle puppies and water. This was not a Manor Lake puppy that drowned, but we thought this information from another breeder was important to share and very sad.

One of our puppies that went home last weekend drowned today in her families pool. This is the phone call you never want to get. We are all devastated. Please educate your puppy owners to the risk of water and pools. If the family has a pool, they should teach the puppy how to swim and how to find the steps to get out. I am modifying my puppy instruction sheet to spell this out for new puppy owners. Hopefully this information will help someone and you’ll never have to go through this. We handed this family a precious 8 week old puppy on Saturday and today she’s gone.

New Australian Labradoodle Puppy Reference

January 22, 2008

Here is a note we received from a Manor Lake client recently.