Manor Lakes Fun Things to do in Seattle, WA


Are you coming to Seattle to collect your puppy? Want to know what fun things there are to do to pass the time while you are in the Emerald City? We have had several requests lately of what Manor Lake recommends our clients do while in Seattle.

Seattle is an amazing city, for dinner we would recommend to you dinner at the Seattle Space Needle. The food is exquisite and the 360 degree view of Seattle and the ocean is spectacular. The floor rotates while you enjoy your meal, it is truly an amazing experience. A dessert that we recommend is the “Lunar Orbiter” it is the Space Needle’s signature dessert complete with dry ice. The website to learn more about the Space Needle is,

The Pacific Science Center is an amazing place that always has neat exhibits, from Dinosaurs to their laserlight star show, to their incedible butterfly room. The Science Center is located at the Seattle Center that boasts fun stores and the impressive Boeing IMAX Theatre that gives you a filmgoing experience like no other! See movies on a screen six stories high and 80 feet wide, with 12,000 watts of stereo sound, wow! The link to the IMAX theatre and Pacific Science Center websites are,

Shopping is also fun of course, there is a lovely shopping center called Pacific Place located right downtown in the middle of everything where you can shop at wonderful stores like Barney’s, Nordstrom, Tiffanys, and Restoration Hardware. Also located in Pacific Place is an AMC Cinema and a wide variety of delicious restaurants. The link for the Pacific Place shopping Center,



The Historic Pike Place Market which is amazing, from watching the fisherman throwing fish, to the fun shops underground, and the beautiful flowers you can find it is truly an experience within itself to get to visit. Seattle is of course known for its coffee! Also located in Pike Place Market is the very first Starbucks ever! Go and enjoy the splendor of a hot cup of coffee from the place that knows coffee best. The website for that Pike Place is,

Other fun things to see while in Seattle is the SAM or Seattle Art Museum, just recently remodeled it is now even more amazing than ever.

The Underground Tour is amazing as well, it is a leisurely, guided walking tour beneath Seattle’s sidewalks and streets. The website for the Underground Tour is,


Now you may be wondering after visiting all of these amazing places where should you stay? The Hotel Monaco located in the heart of downtown Seattle a pet friendly Seattle hotel, the Hotel Monaco pampers pets as much as people. A trend-setting hotel, the Hotel Monaco Seattle indulges canine guests from the moment theyarrive, checking you in to their VIP register (very important pets). And can even arrange for dog-sitting services and a personalized doggie itinerary to keep pooches happy while their owners are away. The website to learn more about the Hotel Monaco is,


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