Australian Labradoodle Food


I am asked many questions about dog and puppy food and what to feed Australian Labradoodles. The raw food diet or kibble and canned food? How often do I feed my Australian Labradoodle puppy? How much? I want to feed raw, where do I start?

Below is a place to start for feeding a raw diet:

Commercial Raw Complete Diets

Dr. Billinghurst’s BARF Diet, (866) 282-2273

FarMore, (866) 507-8255

Nature’s Variety, (888) 519-7387 – We like the patties or medallions

Northwest Naturals, (866) 637-1872

Steve’s Real Food for Dogs, (888) 526-1900

Feeding a high quality kibble and canned is perfectly acceptable – not everyone wants to feed raw. At Manor Lake, some brands we like the best are the Wellness Brand – Holistic Nutrition for Growing Puppies and Dogs and Merrick Brand Kibble and Canned – our favorite, Grammy’s Pot Pie. There are many top quality dog and puppy foods, please check our journal/blog post on Grading Dog Foods – this shows quite a few of the top quality dog and puppy foods.

Your Australian Labradoodle puppy will need to be fed 2 to 3 times a day and have plenty of fresh water as well. There are many different choices for dog and puppy foods. We suggest high quality organic dog and puppy food purchased at a pet health food store. Feeding your dog high quality food is essential for long term good health. We do not recommend feeding a diet relying only on grocery store purchased low grade dry kibble/canned food, this will invalidate the Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles’ 2 year health guarantee.

Check back often, as we will be posting more information on feeding your Australian Labradoodle.


One Response to “Australian Labradoodle Food”

  1. cowboys144 Says:

    I enjoyed your article and while I respect all of your suggestions for possible foods I thought you left out the best suggestion. I would like to suggest that those who are thinking about making their own, homemade dog food, that it can be a lot easier if they do it with Dr. Harvey’s pre-mixes. I have been making Canine Health for my dogs for years and it is a great time saver and I know I am doing the very best that I can for my companions. Canine Health is called the miracle dog food and it really is. Canine Health uses only certified organic grains, such as barley and brown rice and there is no wheat or soy or corn. Some dogs have a problem with those grains. For those who want to feed raw or don’t want any grain in their food, Dr. Harvey’s also makes Veg to Bowl, another great product that is just vegetables. You have to add stuff to make it a whole meal but it is great and you are making a fresh, healthy and delicious meal for your companion. My dogs do exceptionally well on Canine Health, but many of my friends who feed raw use the Veg to Bowl. These foods are freeze -dried and dehydrated and all you do is add warm water and your own protein and oil. It is really simple. You can get free samples or even talk to Dr. Harvey himself if you call their toll free number.
    The website is It is a really great company with great products and great customers service. I have been working with them for my dogs for years and they have been a great resource for me. I highly recommend contacting them for any nutritional questions about your dogs. Feeding like this is a little extra work, but really not as much as you may think. I have four dogs and 3 human kids and I find time to do this and I believe it’s worth the little extra effort to keep my guys healthy.
    I thought your readers would be interested.
    By the way the pics of the puppies are just to adorable. Thank you for sharing them.

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