Soft-Sided Crates for Airline Travel Under the Seat


The following is information on soft sided crates for airline approved travel. If you are meeting Manor Lake staff at the Seattle Airport to pick up your puppy to fly home, Manor Lake will provide you with this first type of carrier included in the price of your puppy. Please refer to the information below for crate size provided by Manor Lake and traveling instructions and tips. Please always remember to check with the airline you are traveling with – as specifications and requirements can change.

Carryall – Black – Small

Leaving on a jet plane? Take your best friend along The Fashion Pet Carryall is a spacious and durable carrier built for pets on-the-go Durable NeoTec fabric is water-resistant and cleans easily, while the mesh panels provide ventilation and visibility. Storage pockets, leash clips, comfort floor pads, and many other features make this carryall a safe and secure place for your pet, and trouble-free traveling for you

Other features include: 3 mesh panels-for ventilation and visibility; front storage pocket-for treats, keys etc.; pet can be secured with the inside leash clip while carrier is open at either entry; top entry with U-shaped zipper provides easy access, also has side entry with zippered closure; removable, adjustable shoulder strap, doubles as leash; privacy flap rolls down/up, secures with Auto-grip Stays; nylon lined floor bead with Auto-grip stays holds washable faux lambskin comfort pad; the small size fits comfortably under airline seat (accepted by most airlines as carry-on luggage).

For pets up to 13″ long x 8″ high and weighs up to 8 pounds.
Carrier is 15.6″ x 9″ x 10.5″.

Here is another option for an airline approved carry on crate with the ordering information.

Original Sherpa Deluxe, Small
# SHPA531

16″ Long, 9.5″ tall, 10″ wide
Weighs 3.2 pounds
Front or top entry
Faux lambskin lining
Mesh panels on three sides
End panel unzips for easy entry
Extra rear zippered pocket
Shoulder strap
The Sherpa bag is great for dogs on the move, smaller dogs that is. Traveling companions can rest in comfort on an airplane, car or train. Faux lambskin lining provides a soft bed. Mesh panels on three sides allow for sight and proper ventilation. End panel, as seen in photo, unzips for easy entry. Longer U-shaped opening on top. Extra rear zippered pocket perfect for food, treats or other necessities. Made of durable, quilted nylon. Includes an adjustable shoulder strap which doubles as a leash. Safety strap can slip over handles of rolling luggage or wheelies for a smooth transport; also secures bag to a car’s seatbelt. Bag Weights: Small 3.5 lbs., Medium 4.5 lbs., Large 5.2 lbs.

Before you purchase a bag with the intent of using it on an airline, call the airline with the dimensions and verify that they will accept it. You don’t want to arrive at the airport with a bag they won’t let you take on the plane. The rules are constantly changing, so verify before you buy!


Length: is from the nape of the neck (where the collar falls) to base of tail.
Height: is from the floor to the shoulder.

IMPORTANT: The pet must fit underneath the seat in front of you, where it must remain during the flight.

NO CRAMMING PLEASE! An animal too large to fit comfortably in the Bag will not fit under the seat. Your pet must be able to stand up and turn around inside the bag.

The measurements are very important for your pet’s safe, comfortable travel. Your Pet’s Size Sherpa Bag Size
Up to
13″L x 8″H and 6 lbs. Small
16″L x 9.5″H x 10″W
Up to
16″L x 10″H and 16 lbs. Medium
18″L x 10.5″H x 11″W
Up to
18″L x 11″H and 22 lbs. Large
20″L x 11.5″H x 11.75″W

Airline Restrictions: Ask when making your reservations if there are special policies regarding pets in-cabin. Rules, regulations and charges vary from airline to airline, so always check first. If the airline gives you dimensions of normal pet carriers, those dimensions are for hard carriers and do not apply to these bags, which are soft-sided and flexible. What is important is the size of your animal. The pet must be able to fit comfortably under the seat in front of you and have room to stand up and turn around inside of the bag.


What is the right size of Carrying Bag for my pet?
The exact fit will depend on the shape and dimensions of your pet. Measure your dog’s height at the shoulders, head, and length from nose to rump. Now use that information to figure out the size you think is right for your pet. You know your pet best so take into account whether your pet likes to move around a lot or just likes to lie down and sleep.

Should my pet be tranquilized before going on a trip?
To be safe, always consult your veterinarian before tranquilizing your pet.

Why do some airlines tell me my bag is too big for in-cabin use?
Airlines sometimes give measurements that refer to rigid, hard-sided pet carriers. Soft bags, on the other hand, are soft-sided and pliable, conform to the space under the airplane seat and are approved for in-cabin use.

How can I get my pet accustomed to the bag?
We advise you to introduce your pet to the bag well before your trip. Leave the bag open with a favorite toy inside; make sure you praise and reward your pet each time he or she ventures into the bag. Familiarization is key. Your pet should learn to associate the bag with a pleasant experience (not with a trip to the vet!).

How comfortable will my pet be in the bag?
Cats and dogs feel secure in the bag, as they tend to seek out small, cozy spaces when they find themselves in unfamiliar situations. Most bags provide a special opening so that you can slip a hand into the bag to reassure your pet. But remember: these bags are designed to be a traveling den for your pet, not a mobile home!

Are there specific things I need to know and do in order to take my pet in-cabin in the bag?
Make sure you have your pet’s ticket along with your own at check-in and security, and, to be safe, don’t forget to bring his or her health portfolio, including records of vaccination and a recent certificate from the vet (no more than 7-10 days old). Some airlines require an absorbent liner in the bag: you may use an old towel, or a favorite blanket. If you are using a bag with flaps, make sure one flap is always left open for ventilation. If the bag is a little too large for your pet, place a pillow and/or toy in it. Airlines changed their policies about pets on board in order to accommodate those of us who want to travel with our small companions. We urge you, however, to keep a low profile when flying. Taking your pet on the plane is a privilege, not a right! Don’t take your pet out of the bag during the flight. If you are traveling with a dog, walk him or her before entering the terminal. Don’t feed your pet during the flight or for several hours before.

Can two cats share a bag on the plane?
Many airlines limit the number of animals in every cabin. Although some bags could physically hold two small pets, it would be safest to check with your airline how many animals they will permit on board.

How can I clean my Sherpa bag?
All Sherpa bags are designed to be virtually maintenance-free. To clean your bag, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. Do not machine wash. (Removable faux lambskin liners may be machine-washed and line-dried.)


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