Woof and Famous Australian Labradoodle Training


This is Manor Lake Ozzie (From Cheyenne X Joey) adopted by the Shapiro Family in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. When Ozzie left Manor Lake, he went directly to Marybeth Rickel of Woof and Famous for her puppy training program. This is what the Shapiro Family has to say about Marybeth’s training:


“Marybeth did an absolutely amazing job training our new puppy Ozzie.
We appreciate the initial time she took to
ask us about our family and how our puppy would fit in with our
life. We had no idea it was possible for anyone to do so much with a
puppy at such a young age. His behavior, manners and ability to obey
so many commands after her training, is amazing. There is no doubt
in our minds that Ozzie’s time with Marybeth gave him the best possible
start for his life.
When Ozzie came to live with us after his 3 ½ weeks of training with
Marybeth, our 13 week old puppy was extraordinarily well behaved. In
addition to being potty trained, he was able to sit, lie down, walk
on his leash properly and obey many different commands. He is so calm
around kids and all sorts of distractions we are able to take him
into any situation without worries. With Marybeth’s training, our
puppy experience has exceeded all of our expectations – including my
husband’s, the “doubting Thomas”. Marybeth did an extraordinary job
training our puppy Ozzie. We are so thankful.”

The Shapiros
Bay Area, California

If you are interested in a puppy training program for your Australian Labradoodle puppy, please let us know, as Manor Lake clients get special pricing from Marybeth of Woof and Famous. We will be posting more information about Woof and Famous and the type of training programs that they can offer your Australian Labradoodle puppy.


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