Manor Lake’s Australian Labradoodle Products


Eau to Joy

Who its for: Your friend with the new puppy, who sends you 15 new photos a day.
Why she’ll love it: She has photos of the puppy all over her house, in her bag, and at her office, and now she can have one on her bottle of fragrance (a fresh, bright, optimistic floral), too.
Where to buy: Clinique Happy Personalized Photo Bottle $52;


It’s not Cranium, but it will make you use your brain…your dog’s too! Funagle is a new board game people and their dogs play together. Players have one minute to “funagle” their dog into performing activities called out on removable tags that make up the game board. With each task completed such as “Moonwalk,” “Do the Wave” and other tricks, you win a tag. The team with the most tags wins! No skill is needed to play…just plenty of treats, a sense of humor and your best friend.

$35.50 at


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