Australian Labradoodle Housetraining Tips from Manor Lake


Positive Reinforcement Teaches Housetraining

I think the best approach to Australian Labradoodle puppy or dog housetraining or “potty training” is to take puppies out often, even every hour, on the hour and also take then out when they wake up, eat, finish playing or sniff the floor. Take your Australian Labradoodle outside on a leash in a designated “potty spot”, give the command “go potty” and wait. After your Australian Labradoodle puppy goes, give her/him a tasty treat. Between trips outside, supervise your puppy closely with management tools such as leashes, crates and exercise pens to prevent mistakes. Once your puppy gets older, they will be able to “hold it” for longer periods at a time and you can gradually increase the times between trips outside.

Your most effective tool is consistency and never giving your Australian Labradoodle puppy a chance to make a mistake. If he/she does, a gentle “oops, puppy outside” is far better than punishment. Australian Labradoodles love to please and your puppy is no different – she/he will want to please you by going where you are asking her/him to. Punishment only teaches her/him its not safe to go where you can see her, so she learns to go in the living room when you’re not looking. If you do have an accident, be sure to clean any soiled spots with an enzyme-based cleaner designed for pet waste to remove any traces that might entice your dog to go there again.

Good Luck!!


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