Australian Labradoodle Puppy Pictures – Charlotte and Clover


This first picture is of Charlotte’s Australian Labradoodle puppies. Charlotte’s puppies were born on October 31, 2007. All Charlotte’s 13 puppies weighed between 7.27 and 10.25 oz. at birth. She had 7 males and 6 females, 7 chocolate/cafe and 6 black. We color code the puppies with little, very soft Vetrap collars, so we can track weights and make sure each individual puppy is gaining properly.


This next picture is of Clover and her 7 Australian Labradoodle puppies in chocolate/cafe. At birth, Clover’s puppies weighed from 9.60 oz to 10.45 oz. Again, we have color coded these puppies as well.

The puppies are kept warm with a heating pad and or special overhead heat lamp and are with us inside our home. We use a Durawhelp whelping box, with rails and very soft, grey lambskin like pad. A picture of the whelping box is in the post I did yesterday on Charlotte and Clover.


We do have some availability for Australian Labradoodle puppies from these two litters as both Charlotte and Clover had more puppies than expected. Please contact us at for more information.


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