Labradoodles in the News


Lodge keeps the homely touch
By Denise Deason
23rd October 2007 11:05:31 AM

Dogged worker … Wyndham Lodge resident labradoodle Princess works her charm on business manager Kim McAliney and 97-year-old resident Renee Ness.

WYNDHAM Lodge Community Aged Care is aiming to raise $750,000 in a building appeal to improve its facilities for elderly residents.

The appeal is to complete the second storey of the building to accommodate more low and high-care residents for Wyndham’s rapidly growing community.

Business manager Kim McAliney said the facility had 45 residents at present, but would like to expand to cater for 60 residents.

Ms McAliney said Wyndham Lodge was a stand-alone, not-for-profit facility that enjoyed community support.

“We try to make it a family environment for our residents,” she said.

“The families can come in whenever they want, seven days a week.

“I love the opportunity to meet the different characters who come to Wyndham Lodge and helping the families from the emotional aspect.

“They rely on us to care for their family members and I feel very privileged – it is extremely rewarding.

“This facility is a Wyndham community asset.

“It’s got a great reputation.

“The staff and community all work together to look after our older people.”

Wyndham Lodge has more than 50 staff, consisting of nurses and assistants.

“I have a lot of respect for our nurses and staff,” Ms McAliney said.

“When I walk out of here at night, I feel I’ve achieved something.

“It’s the little things, like when Mary, one of our residents, asks me to go and buy her a packet of lollies.

“The residents really appreciate what you do for them.”

There is also a very special resident – Princess, a labradoodle (a cross between a labrador and a poodle, bred for its non-allergenic qualities).

Ms McAliney said Princess had an important role at the lodge, helping to lift the spirits of residents and staff alike.


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