Choosing a Dog Crate for your Australian Labradoodle


Choosing a Dog Crate for your Australian Labradoodle

A Labradoodle training crate should ideally be large enough for your dog to stand up, turn around, and lay down in. You certainly don’t want the crate to be too small as your dog will be uncomfortable. But the labradoodle crate can be too big as well. You do not want the dog kennel/crate to be too large because then your Australian Labradoodle puppy or dog will have space to go potty on one side and sleep on the other side of the dog crate/kennel.

Make sure when you buy your Australian Labradoodle crate/kennel that it will be the right size for your labradoodle when he is fully grown not just puppy size. The crate/kennel that comes with your Manor Lake Australian Labradoodle puppy is approximately 25″ by 17″ by 16″ and will be plastic with a metal door. The crate/kennel comes with water and food dishes and a fleece blanket as well. This crate/kennel will eventually need to be replaced by a larger size of crate/kennel.

You can buy a dog training crate/kennel in either plastic or metal, but each has a more appropriate use for your dog or puppy. The plastic type of dog crate is more suited for travelling. They are lightweight and allowed on most airlines. The metal wire dog crates/kennels are more suited for your house. They tend to last longer, usually have more room and better ventilation. The metal dog crate is more of a long-term domicile for your labradoodle dog or puppy.

Some websites for kennels and crates:,, and

Brands we like are Vari Kennel and Petmate.


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