4 Tips for Training Your Labradoodle Puppy To Not Jump Up


Training your Australian Labradoodle puppy not to jump up can be trying. Oftentimes, when you pay too much attention to a problem, you are inadvertently rewarding your labradoodle puppy. Take, for instance, when your labradoodle puppy jumps up looking for attention. Here are three tips I’ve found that help teach your dog to resist jumping up:

  1. Send the right message.
    If you reach down with your arms and push your dog away when it jumps up on you, or give your dog any indication that you are playing, your labradoodle puppy will think this is great fun and continue to do it. An excited pup is certainly hard to resist and the urge will be to give it lots of attention. Generally speaking, of course, this is a good thing. However, when your labradoodle puppy is displaying improper behavior such as jumping up on you and you give him lots of attention, this action is actually encouraged.
  2. Turn away from your dog.
    When your labradoodle puppy jumps up on you, you should gently block the action with your body by folding your arms and turning away from your dog. This action will probably put your labradoodle puppy off balance and she will land back on all four of her feet. Only once all feet are on the ground should you give some praise, but keep it low key. It will take many times, with you remaining patient and repeating the process many times. The more you repeat the ritual of not rewarding your pup when she’s not jumping up and ignoring her when she’s jumping up, the better your dog will get at greeting you and others without jumping up.
  3. Don’t play hard with your puppy as soon as you return home.
    Remember to resist encouraging lots of rough play and jumping right when you return home. Give your labradoodle puppy time to calm down and get the greeting out of the way before you start in with lots of loving and attention.
  4. Be prepared when you return home.
    A good practice is to keep a stuffed toy or small treat in the car with you and then make your Australian Labradoodle puppy or dog sit when you come through the door. This will train your dog to be sitting while she waits for your arrival. Just remember that offering your labradoodle puppy something while she is simultaneously jumping or barking will only encourage that behavior. You have to wait until she is calmly sitting before you reward her with a chewie or stuffed toy.

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