Australian Labradoodles in the News



This is Praire’s Golden Girl (Goldie) at Manor Lake – helping with the laundry along with her friend Manor Lakes Polka. Goldie is a 4 month old Australian Labradoodle puppy in a dark golden color. After Goldie grows up and if she passes her health testing, she will be joining our Australian Labradoodle breeding program at Manor Lake. Goldie will be a big girl at approximately 24 inches and 60 pounds. She is a different lines for us for our standard Australian Labradoodles at Manor Lake.

Our Praires Golden Girl (Goldie) (pictured above) comes from Gail at Prairiedoodles in Blackie, Alberta, Canada. Here is an article about our friend Gail. Our own Manor Lake Lindy is one of Gail’s Australian Labradoodles.

Prairie Doodles provides perfect pooch
Dutch couple finds pet in Blackie
By Marie Foreman
Times staff
Friday September 21, 2007

Gail Groeneveld, seen here with Lindy, Ellie Mae and Isabella, breeds Labradoodle on her land near Blackie. A family from Holland found out about her business, Prairie Doodles, through Gail’s Web site, and chose to come to Canada to adopt a puppy.

Photo by Marie Foreman
With the help and hindrance of modern technology, a Dutch couple found their way to southern Alberta this month to purchase a pet. Olga and Victor Bakker of Amstelveen, Holland, flew over the Atlantic with the express purpose of buying Australian Labradoodle puppies from Gail and Gary Groeneveld, who breed the dogs near Blackie.

“They came all the way from Holland,” Gail Groeneveld said. “They actually ended up taking one for someone else, (too).” The Bakkers’ search began in the Netherlands, where they tried to find a dog that wouldn’t stir up family allergies. The couple and their sons visited the one and only Labradoodle breeder in Holland, and while the breed suited the Bakkers, the wait for a puppy didn’t.

“You can buy Labradoodles (here), but you have to wait two to two and a half years,” Olga said. “There is (only) one breeder in Holland.” So, Olga headed for the nearest computer, and found

“I went surfing around the Internet,” she said. “(The dogs are) not something you buy at the corner store – I had lots of questions. Gail was one of the first breeders to take my questions seriously. She was willing to talk, glad to tell about her dogs. “I like her. I like her dogs. For me, it was quite normal that I wanted to buy from her.”

Gail said she has sold dogs to people from all over the continent – Chicago, Indiana, Vancouver, Nova Scotia – and she was willing to ship the puppies overseas. Sending the puppies would have been expensive, though. It also would have taken more time: several extra weeks to wait for vaccinations, then 20 hours on the plane, versus nine hours when travelling with someone.

“We decided to make (it) a short holiday,” Olga said. Their vacation here this month was indeed brief – not including travel time, Victor and Olga spent four days in Canada, mostly in the Rockies. “We realized it was too short” Olga said.Despite a skiff of snow and lessons on how to avoid bears, the two enjoyed their time in the mountains. It was when they went southeast to pick up their puppy that the Bakkers ran into difficulties. “We lost two hours to find Gail,” Olga said. Apparently, Blackie didn’t show up on the global positioning system the couple had brought from home. “They ended up in Cochrane,” Gail said.

A friendly stranger with directions and a spare map saved the day, and the duo returned home with their new pooch, Noa. Olga said Noa has settled in well. “She’s playing, she’s eating,” Olga said. “She plays lots with the children. She doesn’t have problems with the time (difference) any more – she slept the whole night.”

The couple hopes to return to Canada someday – for a little longer, next time. “It’s so beautiful, so different in space,” Olga said. “(In Holland), we don’t have much space in nature. (In Canada), you could see the horizon – that’s very rare.” She said they’d like to spent three weeks driving from Calgary to Vancouver. The Bakkers don’t think they’ll bring Noa back to visit, however. “She didn’t like the flight,” Olga said.


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