Purchasing Labradoodle Puppy Products


Some of the Labradoodle puppy products that we like:

We like Wellness “Just For Puppy” – Holistic Nutrition for Growing Puppies in the Canned and Kibble. This is an organic, all natural human grade pet/puppy food.

Merrick Canned and Kibble – we especially like “Grammy’s Pot Pie” in both kibble and canned.

Nature’s Variety Raw and Kibble/Canned

Nutritional Supplement
ProBalance Canine Veterinary Formula for puppies, adult and senior dogs. This is a scientifically advanced nutritional supplement for the promotion and maintenance of optimum canine health. We purchase ProBalance through http://www.Calvetsupply.com

Pigs Ears for Labradoodle Puppy Chewing – we purchase ours at Costco.

Bully Sticks for Labradoodle Puppy Chewing – we purchase ours at http://www.carealotpets.com. They have a great value of 75 bully sticks for around $75 – a fantastic price.

Bill and Jack Liver Treats – both our labradoodle puppies and dogs learn to sit very quickly using these treats as positive rewards. We also purchase these at http://www.carealotpets.com or at our local Petsmart pet store.

We love Les Pooch shampoos, conditioners, detanglers and their special brushes. They are located in Paris, London and New York and their website for purchasing is http://www.lespoochs.com. They have special shampoos for male dogs and puppies and female dogs and puppies. We especially like the puppy tearless shampoo, enriched with swiss chamomile, aloe vera and pro vitamin B – it comes in the male puppy formula or female puppy formula.

Les Pooch is having a special anniversary sale on their brushes right now – a substanial savings. For Australian Labradoodles we like the lime green single medium soft and the purple firm firm dog brushes. For extreme tangles, the matt buster red brush is fabulous for any tangled Australian Labradoodle.

Ear Care
We recommend ProEar professional medicated cleaner and deodorant. It removes ear wax, cleans external ear canal, reduces ear odors and is for dogs and puppies. We recommend using this ear wash or a similar ear wash once a week for all Australian Labradoodle puppies and dogs. We purchase ProEar at http://www.petedge.com.

Pet Beds
We like Costco Pet beds and purchase ours at our local Costco. We also like Coolaroo Beds in the medium size. Coolaroo Beds are a metal frame with an attached all weather top – the advantage is that when your Australian Labradoodle puppy or dog lays on the bed, they are off the ground about 6 inches. Both our labradoodle puppies and dogs really enjoy these beds, we have a couple in the large size as well and multiple dogs (and our cat) will hang out together on the Coolaroo beds. We use Coolaroo beds in our house and outside as well. We just found Coolaroo pet beds for $19.99 for the medium size with free shipping at http://www.patiostore.com. They also carry the small and large sizes as well.

Collars and Leashes
We again like Pet Edge at http://www.petedge.com for very well priced labradoodle dog and puppy products. We like the Guardian Gear line of adjustable collars and leashes in the primary and the rainbowbrite colors. If you are purchasing a collar for your new Australian Labradoodle from Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles, we recommend a 9 to 13 inch adjustable size for our miniature and medium Australian Labradoodle puppies. Our Australian Labradoodle puppies come with a collar, but most clients of Manor Lake want to also purchase collars.

Stainless Steel Dog and Puppy Feeding and Water Bowls
We really like the ProSelect line of stainless steel feeding bowls from PetEdge at http://www.petedge.com. We run our stainless steel dog/puppy bowls through the dishwasher regularly for sterilization.


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