Australian Labradoodle Puppy Client


Hi Kim,

Willie is a doll and we adore him! He is very laid back, indeed and loves anyone who comes to see us. I believe he would allow us to hold him 24 hours/day – he is so sweet and we are totally in love with him.

He is sleeping at night in his kennel, waking about every two hours and going out to pee. We are seeing that accidents occur mostly if someone else is here, and we are distracted from paying extremely close attention to him. We appreciate the written information you provided us; I especially appreciated your admonition that if a puppy has potty accidents, it is the fault of the puppy’s owner – not the puppy. That is a very good thing to point out!

We have an appointment tomorrow with our veterinarian – he was recommended by a good source.

John and I really have a great admiration for you and your family in doing the job of raising these sweet little puppies. Our little guy is so beautifully socialized – and so calm – and so very cute!

Thank you!



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