California Labradoodle Client



Hi Kim,

Well Piper has turned out to be a peppy little dog, I think he finally understands to go downstairs and out to potty! He is adorable & weighs about 22 lbs (from 7) now. We get stopped often on walks because he struts – but he is really only interested in playing with the dogs we meet – he has gotten growled at for being too forward, but doesn’t seem to deter him. He is in Puppy Kindergarten; another labradoodle pup there, but looks just like a lab only and he sheds.

Bought from a “breeder” but not multi-generational, I would guess.

Was a good traveler on a week long car trip to visit family and had a ball, since every house we visited had a dog(s). One day, my also visiting sister who has Alzheimer’s “went for a walk”, taking 3 dogs including Piper, leashless. Left the property of several acres and after an hour. was found 3 miles away on private property. The owner’s irate complaint call to the Sheriff, thankfully, gave us the location as to her whereabouts and she was found and gratefully, so was Piper! My brother was amazed that Piper was unleashed and still with them! He had his adventure – never having walked that far, ever!

Thanks, Mae


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