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Cali Puppy Pics on May 26 at 5 weeks

May 26, 2007





Picking Up Puppy at our Home

May 26, 2007



Picking up a puppy at our home

Friday Night Update

May 26, 2007

Well, it has been a long week! If I have missed any emails this week, please let me know. When switching over to the new website from the old one, some emails were lost in transit! Please look over my new site at I welcome your feedback.

Cheyenne had her puppies on May 23. It was an excited day with puppies starting at 2pm and the last one delivered at 6:30pm. Mother and babies are doing exceptional! She had 3 girls and 5 boys in cream/chalk, apricot, and chocolate. Some of the chocolate puppies have white on their stomachs, chest and up under their chins – very cute!

Other News
Both Cali and Bella puppies are growing and changing – they will be 5 weeks on Saturday and Monday – they wag their little tails and make cute puppy moans, groans and sighs and once in a while a bark. They are such relaxed puppies that they lay on their backs with their feet up in the air — oh, so cute! Their temperaments will be easy going and very friendly.

Gigi’s pups will be 2 weeks on Sunday. Gigi is the most attentive mother. Her pups make even a peep and she is right there for comfort. I am excited to see these puppies develop. I see short noses, blocky heads and beautiful dark chocolate wavy coats.

Manor Lakes’ new boy has arrived from Rutland Manor/Tegan Park (TIG) in Australia. He came out of his crate wagging his tail and ready for fun. He is absolutely drop dead gorgeous, has super conformation and a personality to match — he is really the total package — his name is Royal Flush. He is completely new lines for us and we are very excited to add him to our program. Thank you so much to Beverely and Angela for picking out this wonderful boy for us! Beverely said we would be over the moon about this boy and we certainly are!!!

Hope you enjoy the new website!

Take care, Kim

New Import From Australia

Cali Girl and her puppies

May 7, 2007

Cali Girl and her puppies at 2 weeks and 2 days

Cali is sooooo cute! – With the sweetest personality!

Just starting to open their eyes

A bunch of puppies!